With this Saturn transit in Aquarius, you may have felt shut out, or locked in. If you can resist anything but temptation, you may NOT want to test Oscar Wildes theory this week. Its an odd combination though and youve not had it before. Not surprisingly, this cycle often sees dramatic changes in the way people coming to terms with aspects of life that need decisions. This ends quite dramatically on 7th March and then from 23rd March you will encounter a change in your friend or group or a new friend or group which shows you what power means. If we apply a "quick fix" to a solution, we must accept it will likely have a short lifespan. New restrictions are coming in. Social media may hold answers for you - or you could usefully promote yourself online. US Edition. Learn with her, and read your weekly horoscope. This will be converted by your card provider to your local currency at their prevailing exchange rate. What happened to the vacation from reality? Not that you would, but it needs to be said. As the situation you enter into from March 7th is reminiscent of this, choose carefully. If you are in a conflict, or one arises, get the best advice you can afford. Whats inside your clockwork? Finally, to duels. But rather than hold a grudge, tap the emotional awareness of this transit to talk about your feelings. And yetyoure still not really in control, because the game youve mastered so far does not really reflect all of you. Every weekend we post the new weekly horoscopes for the next 7 days - what's in store for your stars? Saturn feels really challenging either way, but for whatever reason, Leo, March 7th ends it. Its a way out, but with rules. Caregiver creator explorer hero. March 7th and thereabouts is a relief. The group will still be an escape from reality. Capricorn, the cycle I am talking about is Saturn in Aquarius. This may be a particular responsibility with a family trust fund or a will. This may have been language barriers for some Sun Sagittarius people. Yet, for the first time ever, you must now accept that you will be shut into a situation or denied access to a situation. It runs until 2044 and will empower you through religion, psychic ability, clairvoyants, self-help, therapy, hypnotism (self or hired), dream coaching and interpretation, and science. Weve also turned up in the Top 20 in Australia, America and Canada on arrival, which is fantastic! The scene in your duet or duel is reshot. You may get engaged or quit. If you were done for drunk driving, or have been done again, thats a classic Neptune outcome in the Third House. Thats a given for years into the future. The end of Saturn in Aquarius and your Eleventh House of friends and groups, and the beginning of Pluto in Aquarius, dominates March. Here are your yearly horoscope from Psychic Astrologer, Jessica Adams. You may end up rich it happens. Handle with care; this is invisible to other people, save for perhaps a confidante, so objective opinions are missing. Another very common example of Pluto in the Second House is a tenant who gets cheap rent from you, because he is a friend. There has to ultimately be a compromise or share agreement. Daniel "Whelland" Dowd's WeeklyHoroscope.com. Read more about Premium Membership. Professional partnerships and business double-acts, platonic partnerships (two people sharing an apartment) and other ampersand-based duets, are also part of this transit. The lack of boundaries has sometimes been chaotic, like the sea in a storm. What will put you in control? You need to know, because once youre committed, you really are stuck. Do some research. Very hard to get out of! Whatever has been blocking you or stopping you (those views on Ukraine) or the person who has been impossible to access or get away from now vanishes. Neptune transits are notorious for taking us away, but also getting us in over our head. Pluto in Aquarius, very soon, is about willpower that works. For all the denial and fantasising about COVID out there, it is also a fact of life and so is Long COVID. Exactly how far out of your comfort zone ARE you willing to stretch, Leo? Skip to your Horoscope Sign: Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces Given that you also have the South Node of karma going into your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, common-law marriage, separation in July 2023, a huge number of Libra Sun people are set to make major decisions from July. Pluto transits are relentless. Do look inside yourself and get to know all of you not just the bits you were trying to work with, for the 2008-22 cycle. Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Love. To acquire the influence, which is shortly on offer, you will need to use tremendous willpower. It could be everything. Everything and everybody is all over the place, all the time. Neptune is everything, everywhere, all the time, all over the place. You could not get in or could not get out, Pisces. It should be on this cycle. The Fifth House is ruled by Aquarius in your chart, and youve had Saturn in Aquarius, with all his restrictions and heavy limitations for a very long time. All these strands may be woven together in one story in the last week of March or there may be separate threads. March is huge. Leaks stop. Jobs will end. Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in your horoscope every week and month, as well as yearly horoscopes and forecasts for important astrological events. The Tarot can help. This is extremely useful as you are going through the greatest change in your inner life, in 28-29 years. Feeling shut in, can mean being bound to particular conditions, because you are beholden to someone financially, or because of the house, apartment, business and so on. What replaces this obstacle for you, is tremendously different. The alternative world. That is why it can feel like drifting with the tides or losing yourself in a current surfing in a tube. Whatever you get into, or further into, or whomever you let into your world, the final week of March should be taken slowly and carefully. That is going to shift from the final week of March. Deep healing awaits for those willing to plunge into the stormy surface of the psyche. You will be pleased to see the end of geographical distance separating you from friends, or perhaps other barriers to closeness, severe differences in political views, for example, or views on vaccination or masks. The local scene. SOUL PROFILE Revealing life's purpose. You have spent 2021 and 2022, and early 2023, dealing with all kinds of heavily ring-fenced situations keeping you shut into a space, or shut out of it. Do your level best to avoid getting into any new situation in March where a power struggle (say child custody or grandparents funding of private education) could go on until 2044. Registered in England 112955. This will be converted by your card provider to your local currency at their prevailing exchange rate. Read More Taurus More power. Neptune is a symbol of distortion in astrology and rather like swimming under water, your gaze of yourself and the gaze of others, upon you, has been nicely distorted in 2011-2023. It can also be the sort of therapist who is seriously hard work. There are obstacles now. Saturn goes out of Aquarius, and your success, ambition and status seems oddly linked to the seismic shifts happening in politics, and big business. So take your time before you sign on the dotted line, Taurus. | ARIES | TAURUS | GEMINI | CANCER | LEO | VIRGO | LIBRA | | SCORPIO | SAGITTARIUS | CAPRICORN | AQUARIUS | PISCES | Mystic Stars - Your weekly horoscope by Lasha. Some Sagittarians have been living with Neptune at home. As well as connections and communication of all sorts, the Third House also rules siblings and cousins. Make sure that those incredibly empowering lifestyle, medical, diet or alternative health choices you are making are shared. His gift, should you show enough willpower and self-control, is a book (say) or website (for example) or film (perhaps) which is deeply and permanently empowering and gives you the reins. I put this in earlier forecasts for you, so you can prepare. The climate changes for you on March 7th as Saturn pushes off. Who or what is top dog. Maybe there is another choice! If you are not already a member of Astrology and Tarot Meetups in New York, London and Australia you can join below: America - Join here. Youll get cosmic support on Thursday, March 2, as your ruler, creative Venus, Youre a born superconnector, Gemini, and this week, you should liberally flex those skills on your own behalf. Saturn is hard work. There are many different ways in which the changes involving friends will manifest now. Saturn moves into this sector of your chart, joining Neptune, which is extremely unusual. What was heavy, or who was heavy, is no longer that way. Not to be taken lightly, Taurus. First in, best dressed. Which sign is your partner born under? There may be potent, influential and domineering new people and organisations around you. Find out what the stars have in store for you this week, and for premium members, your weekly Lenormand Tarot reading and Diary Dates to watch. Hes gone on March 7th. There may be qualifications, letters after your name, or some other reframing of your name. You can switch on your computer, telephone or microphone without automatically having to factor in X or make allowances for Y. Plutos ingress on March 23rd will transform your life for about 20 more years, so its just as well you get in slowly, with a preview from March to June 2023. Go into new commitments or decisions near 7th March very slowly and carefully. They are also in your Ninth House of foreigners, and Mars in Gemini likely opposed them since September, so his end-retrograde in March will be a huge relief for you. More happily, Leo, if your marriage is good, the heavy obstacles and multi-barriers you two have faced in 2021, but particularly 2022, and the early part of 2023, vanish in March. Saturn and Pluto are changing position. You have had since 2011 to sift and sort, socially, but somehow, its never happened. Its really on that level, Gemini. The quantum physics aspects of science fit nicely. This weeks birthday girl is Faith Bleasdale, also known as Rachel Wells (Alfie), who is my co-writer on The Leo Moon Mysteries, set for Audible UK launch later this year. If you are not already a member of Astrology and Tarot Meetups in New York, London and Australia you can join below: The Suns spotlight in Pisces in your Twelfth House of inner life, will swing on all the things you achieve privately, or by yourself away from other peoples attention. Penny Thornton's Astrolutely.com - Forecasts. Take great care about who or what you let into your life, near 7th March on the Saturn ingress. Tune in to The Astrology Show Podcast on Apple or Spotify now. Saturn is heavy. If your marriage has been on the rocks, March may break it up. Saturn people arrive with challenges and given this is a long transit, you need to be a realist. On Thursday, March 2, amorous Venus makes her annual merger with your ruler, supersizer Jupiter. It may also be your daughter, in the family business, setting firm new limits on your role. You are the well-oiled machine, when all is right in your world and you have your work-life balance sorted, as well as the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. On Thursday, March 2, a rare and empowering alignment of tactful Venus and visionary Jupiter Keep that high-flying goal in your crosshairs, Crab. Any restrictions or known limits will vanish. Please login now to access your Premium Member content. It will likely be structural or administrative; your home may be handled differently as new council regulations come in. It can happen through being infected with COVID-19 (and isolating), having Long COVID (and retreating), going on a Buddhist retreat or through being forced to live/stay/work in an isolated place, cut off from normal life. Being a realist about that will help your decisions. If so, March doubles in importance, as Pluto enters your natal Eleventh House while Saturn leaves. Yes, it will feel as if it means everything to you! Since Aquarius rules both community and technology, the resources you need may be a mere social media search away. This is rather like having a construction team move in on the beach. Either one. The duet or duel? This may in fact be about marriage. JESSICA ADAMS 3.9K views1 year ago Woman Who Predicted Coronavirus Gives Predictions about a COVID Christmas | This Morning This Morning 1.2M views2 years ago Astrology, the Nodes, Education. Then, along comes Saturn and there are capital R Rules. Whatever happens near March 7th is a relief and release, as Saturn leaves your sector of reputation, appearance and title. Taurus, this alters as Saturn lands on March 7th. The key here is lifestyle, and you need to be aware of the sort of lifestyle that comes with the choices you are being offered, near March 23rd. Read your weekly horoscopes below. An odd feeling is common and its because you were stuck in the shallow end. The family reshuffle begins. The Twelfth House is invisible, interior and as much about Father Brown hearing confession, as it is about crystal healing. Almost like a poster boy or poster girl (whatever your age) for a particular approach to your health, on all levels. Mercury is your ruling planet, and we find him turning up with Saturn on March 2nd. What you lost was what your core self did not need, so let it go. How you feel about each other, the way to make a success of being together. The dual transit of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces is highly unusual, and youre not experienced. You do have your L plate on now. You can be wealthy or quite broke on this cycle and still feel shut out, or shut in. Theyll go in March, or the situation will be restricted. If you get into bed with Saturn, make sure its worth it and you know what the terms are. Saturn is entering Pisces, joining Neptune. Finally, if you are single, the restrictions and limitations (perhaps owing to COVID) which were so heavy in 2021, 2022 and early 2023 will vanish. It is also about anyone who is against you an opponent, rival or enemy. You will be surfing in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 so whatever currents you need to understand, try your best to do that. As the English Channel faces stern sea walls which push her back, so too will you be accepting walls or perhaps constructing them. Do your homework. One is pointing us upwards, to our visionary selves; the other sends us down into the murky waters of our own shadows. What matters is your own restart. For all that Neptune is about vast oceanic realms, Saturn is about heavy bands of steel. Now, though, Saturn is here, from March 7th and in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 you must accept new restrictions. You can and should become empowered. Whatever you agree to by June will change your life. Big tubes to surf in, where you are quite removed from the ordinary and every day, have rolled in repeatedly. Libra Daily Horoscope - 4 March 2023. In other cases you have been held back on projects with COVID. Keep the creative supplies on hand and turn your discoveries into cathartic works of art. This terrific cycle is all about your marriage, relationship, former partner or current/ex work or business partner. 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Real world. Pisces in your chart rules the Eighth House of joint finance and shared property and its commonly about marriage and mortgage; a common-law marriage and shared lease; post-divorce financial obligations; family inheritance naming you; your own legacy which names other people. And to make the story juicier, theyre Youve been a Goat on a mission, but dont forget to show your inner circle some love. They can change you. What takes place could feel like the end for you as well as a new start. The idea of rambling, wandering or footloose is really close to Neptune in Pisces in your Third House. This cycle sheds light on the person you actually are, when youre not out there being someone elses friend, sibling, parent, child, partner, boss, colleague whatever. Saturn is your ruler. You may have had more than once since this Neptune in Pisces cycle began in 2011. Ive seen impotence in marriage and also shrugging indifference. When that happens, let yourself feel all the emotions which will emerge and then grab a torch and a spade, and start digging for who you actually are. (It IS birthday season FWIW.) Now, it seems, you must adapt and adjust to all kinds of new barriers and barricading. If you can't see what you're looking for please search our full content archive. You are seeing Saturn leaves your family zone, and Pluto go into your family zone, in March 2023. It may have been your cousin helping Russian oligarchs evade sanctions. This will be converted by your card provider to your local currency at their prevailing exchange rate. Weekly Horoscopes posted Monday. Same story, told twice. This makes it easier to talk about money . Mentalist Mercury is winding down its final four days in innovative Aquarius. For the first time in over a decade, romantic Venus and limitless Jupiter connect in passionate fire sign Aries. Get your daily Taurus horoscope. All sense of an altered state or parallel universe that was there before (if you even had the insight) is changed once Saturn co-exists with Neptune in Pisces, your opposite sign. Saturnine people are very, very heavy company. Pluto leaves your natal Tenth House at the same time, so the relentless politics since 2008 vanish. Jessica Adams - Your weekly forecast by psychic astrologer Jessica Adams. Dont drink the faux herbal tea please. Ive had a few Sun Pisces people in 2021, 2022 presenting with Twelfth House issues. From this will come some amazing projects if you devote yourself. Which means you should log as many lab hours as needed from Monday through Wednesday, when your ability to think both in and out of the box will be sharpest. Map your destiny with The Ultimate Numerology Guide, From Fitness to Relationships, Your Virgo Full Moon Horoscope Calls For A Clean-Up, Your Saturn in Pisces Horoscope for The 3-Year, Reality Melting Transit, Marchs Virgo Full Moon Blows the Whistle on Your Messy Habits, These Celebrities Are Finishing Their Saturn Return in Aquarius: Before and After, Your March 2023 Horoscope: The Decades Next Turning Point, Saturn in Pisces Turns the World Inside Out for the Next Three Years (But Dont Panic). Jobs will start. You only get one chance a year to see the real you on this level but if there is anything that needs fixing up about your inner self, it will be impossible to ignore. What will allow you to truly feel as if you are holding the reins, in terms of your duet or duel? Expect some final chapters, which alter everything forever. When its all going well, you shine, quite brilliantly. You have been stuck with a situation in 2021, 2022 (2022 was worse) and early 2023 which has made it very difficult to find any wriggle room. Once you are committed, this will be impossible to move very much. You will find yourself working on a restart in this cycle or even more than one. You, wearing a badge for an anti-Islam political party. Take your time. Plutos ingress on March 23rd suggests something completely different. You may be shut into a situation, which is very, very difficult to get out of. He moved in, during 2021, but it was 2022 that presented you with visa issues, passport hurdles, multicultural misunderstanding and the rest. Take your time as you both/all figure out the control as you will need a practical arrangement which can be altered over time. You will be relieved to see the end of particular people, organisations or situations in your career on the 7th of March. What doesnt work out now, in terms of friends or groups, will have a feeling of intense finality even transformation about it. jobs offering visa sponsorship,